Australian Visual Hardware, a division of Australian Visual Solutions, now offers automatic finishing solutions for wide format printers with its new relationship with Colex Finishing.

AVH are set to launch the quality US Made Colex Sharp Cut Digital Flatbed Cutter at the Visual Impact Show in September “Affordable to buy, affordable to own is the Colex motto. The products are extremely well priced and designed to provide customers with the best value flat bed cutter in the industry” Managing Director Cameron Sutherland commented.

“I am really excited to see Colex added to the AVH product range. The Sharpcut is one of the most versatile Flatbed Cutters that I have ever seen – it will serve markets requiring automatic knife cutting, creasing and routing operations. It easily integrates with existing computer workflows and has a comprehensive range of cutting tools” our National Hardware Manager stated.

The Sharpcut includes a fixed knife, oscillating knife and router allowing the capability for a multitude of applications. Optional add-on tools are available by Colex allowing customers to customize their cutter to suit their specific needs and workflow. The Sharpcut production power and quick tool change ensures on-time delivery, even for the most complex jobs. Whether the job requires cutting sheets, rolls of fabric or rigid materials, the Sharpcut always delivers clean, smooth and accurate edge quality. The gantry’s X/Y axis movement is driven by a rack and pinion system which increases the longevity and endurance of the cutter when comparing it to a belt driven system. The rack and pinion system is powered by servo motors and requires minimum maintenance driving downs costs of owning the Sharpcut. The Z-axis is a ball screw driven mechanism also powered by a Panasonic Servo motor that guarantees high performance, accuracy and reliability.

When you add up all these assets; VERATILITY + SPEED + ACCURACY + AFFORDABLE PRICE there is The Colex Sharpcut.

For all enquires please contact AVS on 1800 01 7446.